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Game Schedule

Oct 28, 2017 - Feb 17, 2018

#DateStartArenaScore (H)Home TeamScore (V)Visiting TeamStatusDivision
249Sat, Oct 2818:15Sanford76Scheduled Round RobinU14 B
216Sun, Nov 515:30Starbuck64Scheduled Round RobinU14 B
223Sun, Nov 2613:00Starbuck22Scheduled Round RobinU14 B
239Sat, Dec 211:15Ste. Agathe103Scheduled Round RobinU14 B
202Sun, Dec 317:45Sanford48Scheduled Round RobinU14 B
234Sat, Dec 911:30Oakbank ONE Insurance44Scheduled Round RobinU14 B
209Sat, Dec 1609:45Steinbach T G Smith92Scheduled Round RobinU14 B
244Sun, Dec 1713:30Southdale West82Scheduled Round RobinU14 B
848Sun, Jan 714:15Starbuck103Scheduled Round RobinU14 C
843Sun, Jan 1414:15Starbuck12Scheduled Round RobinU14 C
846Sat, Jan 2718:15Sanford48Scheduled Round RobinU14 C
835Sun, Jan 2809:20Keith Bodley95Scheduled Round RobinU14 C
839Sat, Feb 309:00Oakbank ONE Insurance84Scheduled Round RobinU14 C
833Sun, Feb 411:45Eric Coy66Scheduled Round RobinU14 C
850Sat, Feb 1018:15Sanford63Scheduled Round RobinU14 C
EX-14B-01Thu, Feb 1519:45Oakbank ONE InsuranceScheduled ExhibitionU14 B
831Sat, Feb 1711:45River East23Scheduled Round RobinU14 C