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Temporary players

During playoffs, it is not permitted for teams to use temporary players in the same way in which they do during the Regular Season.

The use of temporary players must be approved by the playoff committee. Approval must be received individually for each game and each player that you wish to use.
Please note the following:
  1. In situations of extenuating circumstances preventing a goaltender from attending a game teams may be permitted to use a temporary goaltender.
  2. Temporary players to replace skaters will only be considered when your roster is below 7 players including your goaltender. Teams will not be permitted to use more than 3 TPs, nor use TPs to extend their total game roster to greater than 7 players, except in a case where the goaltender has been replaced per #1.
To get approval for the use of a temporary player you must submit, in writing, a request detailing the extenuating circumstances responsible for your requirement, the game for which you are requesting TPs and the players who you would like approval to use (including the details of the team they play for).
To request a temporary player, please send your request by email to