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RRR U12C (Harder)

#DateStartArenaScore (H)Home TeamScore (V)Visiting TeamStatusDivision
ER3Sat, Oct 1211:00Steinbach T G Smith1Steinbach Panthers6RRR U12C (Harder)Scheduled Round RobinU12C
ER12-RTue, Oct 1519:00Niverville7RRR U12C (Harder)1Lorette Royals U12Rescheduled Round RobinU12C
ER12Sat, Oct 1912:30Ste. AgatheRRR U12C (Harder)Lorette Royals U12Cancelled Round RobinU12C
146Sat, Oct 2612:30Ste. Agathe5RRR U12C (Harder)0Lorette Royals U12Scheduled Round RobinU12 A3
142Sat, Nov 211:00Steinbach T G SmithSteinbach PanthersRRR U12C (Harder)Cancelled Round RobinU12 A3
131-RSun, Nov 314:30Niverville5RRR U12C (Harder)6NW StarsRescheduled Round RobinU12 A3
131Sun, Nov 315:15NivervilleRRR U12C (Harder)NW StarsCancelled Round RobinU12 A3
138Sat, Nov 1616:10Glenwood1BVRA BLAZE-Rodstrom3RRR U12C (Harder)Scheduled Round RobinU12 A3
121Sat, Nov 2313:45Ste. Agathe7RRR U12C (Harder)0Steinbach PanthersScheduled Round RobinU12 A3
ER29Fri, Nov 2920:00Ste. Agathe6RRR U12C (Harder)3Steinbach PanthersScheduled Round RobinU12C
142-RSun, Dec 111:45Steinbach Centennial3Steinbach Panthers8RRR U12C (Harder)Rescheduled Round RobinU12 A3
140Sat, Dec 708:15Keith Bodley3SJRA Boom4RRR U12C (Harder)Scheduled Round RobinU12 A3
ER32Sun, Dec 817:30Ile des Chenes4Lorette Royals U128RRR U12C (Harder)Scheduled Round RobinU12C
135Sat, Dec 1417:30Ste. Agathe4RRR U12C (Harder)7Selkirk StingersScheduled Round RobinU12 A3
127Sun, Dec 1517:30Ile des Chenes1Lorette Royals U128RRR U12C (Harder)Scheduled Round RobinU12 A3
642Sat, Jan 412:30Ste. Agathe3RRR U12C (Harder)9Macdonald WildfireScheduled Round RobinU12 A2
617Sat, Jan 1115:00Ste. Agathe8RRR U12C (Harder)8BVRA BLAZE-Bockstael/GaretScheduled Round RobinU12 A2
631Sat, Jan 1812:30Ste. Agathe7RRR U12C (Harder)7Portage Thunder U12 HauserScheduled Round RobinU12 A2
623Sun, Jan 1914:15Starbuck8Macdonald Wildfire3RRR U12C (Harder)Scheduled Round RobinU12 A2
636Sat, Jan 2512:00Beausejour SunGro10Beausejour Ringers U124RRR U12C (Harder)Scheduled Round RobinU12 A2
634Sun, Jan 2610:00Seven Oaks Red10NW Stars3RRR U12C (Harder)Scheduled Round RobinU12 A2
627Sat, Feb 113:45Ste. AgatheRRR U12C (Harder)SWRA U12 BuchananScheduled Round RobinU12 A2
638-RTue, Feb 419:00NivervilleBVRA BLAZE-Bockstael/GaretRRR U12C (Harder)Rescheduled Round RobinU12 A2
638Sat, Feb 812:40Jonathan Toews SouthBVRA BLAZE-Bockstael/GaretRRR U12C (Harder)Cancelled Round RobinU12 A2

U12 A2

RRR U12C (Harder) is ranked #6 in the U12 A2 Division

 TeamWinsTiesLossesPointsGoals forGoals against# Games
#1Macdonald Wildfire411936236
#2Beausejour Ringers U12401839215
#3NW Stars311736225
#4SWRA U12 Buchanan303629366
#5Portage Thunder U12 Hauser112328294
#6RRR U12C (Harder)024228526
#7BVRA BLAZE-Bockstael/Garet013119324

U12 A3

RRR U12C (Harder) is ranked #6 in the U12 A3 Division

 TeamWinsTiesLossesPointsGoals forGoals against# Games
#1Selkirk Stingers301627144
#2SJRA Boom301624154
#3Oxford Heights301632144
#4BVRA BLAZE-Rodstrom210518103
#5Steinbach Panthers014111365
#6Lorette Royals U12004010334
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