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The Monstars

#DateStartArenaScore (H)Home TeamScore (V)Visiting TeamStatusDivision
433Sat, Nov 214:45East End 21Chaos4The MonstarsScheduled Round RobinOpen 3
417Wed, Nov 1320:30Starbuck2Macdonald Ring Kings5The MonstarsScheduled Round RobinOpen 3
448Sat, Nov 2312:00Max Bell4The Monstars2Wild RageScheduled Round RobinOpen 3
421Fri, Nov 2922:15Lorette7Inn Seine Chicks9The MonstarsScheduled Round RobinOpen 3
429Sat, Nov 3020:45Sam Southern3French Connection6The MonstarsScheduled Round RobinOpen 3
442Sat, Dec 712:00Max Bell7The Monstars2Niverville ClippersScheduled Round RobinOpen 3
425Tue, Dec 1021:15Max Bell5The Monstars1BarnstormersScheduled Round RobinOpen 3
454Sat, Dec 1417:00Max Bell6The Monstars1The Eh TeamScheduled Round RobinOpen 3
959Sun, Jan 513:15Max Bell3The Monstars2French ConnectionScheduled Round RobinOpen 3
947Sun, Jan 1219:30Max Bell0The Monstars1Las LocasScheduled Round RobinOpen 3
956Wed, Jan 2219:15Starbuck3Macdonald Ring Kings9The MonstarsScheduled Round RobinOpen 3
967Sun, Jan 2618:30Morris4Wild Rage9The MonstarsScheduled Round RobinOpen 3
935Tue, Jan 2821:45C A Barbour8The Monstars4ChaosScheduled Round RobinOpen 3
963Fri, Jan 3122:15Lorette5Inn Seine Chicks4The MonstarsScheduled Round RobinOpen 3
941Sat, Feb 112:00Max Bell7The Monstars2The Eh TeamScheduled Round RobinOpen 3
952Thu, Feb 620:15Oak Bluff1Macdonald Shooters2The MonstarsScheduled Round RobinOpen 3
Open 3-5Sat, Feb 2216:10Glenwood5The Monstars2Macdonald Ring KingsScheduled Double KOOpen 3
Open 3-10Mon, Feb 2419:30Keith Bodley6The Monstars4BarnstormersScheduled Double KOOpen 3
Open 3-17Sat, Feb 2920:45Keith Bodley6The Monstars7Inn Seine ChicksScheduled Double KOOpen 3
Open 3-19Fri, Mar 620:30Sargent Park4The Monstars2BarnstormersScheduled Semi-FinalOpen 3
Open 3-20Sat, Mar 714:35Gateway Blue2Inn Seine Chicks4The MonstarsScheduled FinalOpen 3
Open 3-21Sun, Mar 812:00Gateway Blue4The Monstars5Inn Seine ChicksScheduled TurnaroundOpen 3

Open 3

The Monstars is ranked #2 in the Open 3 Division

 TeamWinsTiesLossesPointsGoals forGoals against# Games
#1The Eh Team0000000
#2The Monstars0000000
#3Inn Seine Chicks0000000
#4Wild Rage0000000
#5French Connection0000000
#6Macdonald Ring Kings0000000
#7Las Locas0000000
#9Niverville Clippers0000000
#11Macdonald Shooters0000000
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