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#DateStartArenaScore (H)Home TeamScore (V)Visiting TeamStatusDivision
372Thu, Oct 2520:15Oak Bluff7Macdonald Moose0ExtremeScheduled Round RobinOpen 1
368Sat, Oct 2713:00Eric Coy4Wolfpack2ExtremeScheduled Round RobinOpen 1
381Sun, Nov 418:45St. Andrews1Extreme1KWScheduled Round RobinOpen 1
387Sun, Nov 1118:45St. Andrews1Extreme7CaptainsScheduled Round RobinOpen 1
364Sun, Nov 1818:45St. Andrews2Extreme7NK SnipesScheduled Round RobinOpen 1
360Sat, Nov 2416:50St. Norbert4Royals4ExtremeScheduled Round RobinOpen 1
399Sun, Dec 918:45St. Andrews4Extreme6AW FuryScheduled Round RobinOpen 1
393Fri, Dec 2121:30Jonathan Toews North2Dakota7ExtremeScheduled Round RobinOpen 1
2336Sun, Jan 618:45St. Andrews5Extreme2Goal DiggersScheduled Round RobinOpen 2
2318Sun, Jan 1318:45St. Andrews10Extreme3Sturgeon HeightsScheduled Round RobinOpen 2
2346Fri, Jan 1822:15Lorette2Inn Seine Chicks9ExtremeScheduled Round RobinOpen 2
2354Sun, Jan 2018:45St. Andrews8Extreme4DakotaScheduled Round RobinOpen 2
2330Tue, Jan 2921:45C A Barbour2Herd5ExtremeScheduled Round RobinOpen 2
2358Mon, Feb 421:45Maples5Cougars8ExtremeScheduled Round RobinOpen 2
2350Sat, Feb 920:45Sam Southern16, 7, 8's6ExtremeScheduled Round RobinOpen 2
2324Sun, Feb 1018:45St. Andrews10Extreme3KWScheduled Round RobinOpen 2
Open 2-7Sat, Feb 2318:15Bertrand3Extreme4CougarsScheduled Double KOOpen 2
Open 2-13Sat, Mar 218:15Sam Southern2KW7ExtremeScheduled Double KOOpen 2
Open 2-15Sun, Mar 317:00Southdale East5Extreme6HerdScheduled Double KOOpen 2
O2-1Wed, Mar 1319:45Seven Oaks Red3Cougars5ExtremeScheduled Round RobinOpen 2
O2-3Thu, Mar 1418:00Seven Oaks Blue2Herd6ExtremeScheduled Round RobinOpen 2
O2-5Sat, Mar 1610:30Seven Oaks Red4Extreme3DakotaScheduled Round RobinOpen 2
O2-8Sun, Mar 1715:30Seven Oaks Blue2Extreme1DakotaScheduled FinalOpen 2

Open 1

Extreme is ranked #9 in the Open 1 Division

 TeamWinsTiesLossesPointsGoals forGoals against# Games
#1Macdonald Moose130326995516
#2AW Fury121325936116
#5NK Snipes82618686716

Open 2

Extreme is ranked #5 in the Open 2 Division

 TeamWinsTiesLossesPointsGoals forGoals against# Games
#1Mitchell Ringhawks130326844016
#3Sturgeon Heights91619595516
#46, 7, 8's81717544216
#7All Up In Her Slot62814616516
#8Goal Diggers61913587016
#11Inn Seine Chicks211355510116
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