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Missi Sippies

#DateStartArenaScore (H)Home TeamScore (V)Visiting TeamStatusDivision
452Thu, Oct 2520:45Bertrand3Southside Stingers4Missi SippiesScheduled Round RobinOpen 3
462Sun, Nov 1121:15Sam SouthernMissi SippiesSpringfield StarsCancelled Round RobinOpen 3
456Mon, Nov 1220:45Max Bell4Monstars3Missi SippiesScheduled Round RobinOpen 3
480Sat, Nov 1718:00St. Norbert4Missi Sippies8French ConnectionScheduled Round RobinOpen 3
468Tue, Nov 2021:45C A Barbour8Missi Sippies2Las LocasScheduled Round RobinOpen 3
448Fri, Nov 2321:45Maples3Aces9Missi SippiesScheduled Round RobinOpen 3
462-RMon, Nov 2621:45Eric Coy9Missi Sippies2Springfield StarsRescheduled Round RobinOpen 3
474Tue, Dec 421:45C A Barbour10Missi Sippies4Barley QueensScheduled Round RobinOpen 3
444Thu, Dec 2021:30Oak Bluff2Macdonald Ring Kings7Missi SippiesScheduled Round RobinOpen 3
2382Wed, Jan 920:15Century9Missi Sippies2Macdonald ShootersScheduled Round RobinOpen 3
2394Sun, Jan 1321:15Sam Southern9Missi Sippies2MonstarsScheduled Round RobinOpen 3
2378Sat, Jan 1918:15Sam Southern6French Connection3Missi SippiesScheduled Round RobinOpen 3
2374Mon, Jan 2121:45Maples4Aces6Missi SippiesScheduled Round RobinOpen 3
2366Wed, Jan 2320:30StarbuckMacdonald Ring KingsMissi SippiesCancelled Round RobinOpen 3
2400Sun, Jan 2721:15Sam Southern5Missi Sippies2Southside StingersScheduled Round RobinOpen 3
2388Tue, Feb 520:30C A Barbour4Missi Sippies2Las LocasScheduled Round RobinOpen 3
2370Sun, Feb 1018:00Stonewall Ice Palace3Barley Queens5Missi SippiesScheduled Round RobinOpen 3
Open 3-5Sat, Feb 2317:20GlenwoodMissi SippiesWinner of game #Open 3-1Scheduled Double KOOpen 3

Open 3

Missi Sippies is ranked #1 in the Open 3 Division

 TeamWinsTiesLossesPointsGoals forGoals against# Games
#1Missi Sippies120324954915
#2French Connection85321756016
#3Macdonald Shooters83519797016
#6Barley Queens72716798516
#7Southside Stingers54714615916
#8Niverville Clippers5121152378
#9Las Locas501110538116
#10Macdonald Ring Kings22116497815
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