The proud corporate sponsor of Roxie, Ringette's greatest mascot

Roxie Reservation Form

You must supply the person inside Roxie. They must have their own skates (if needed), gloves and Ringette stick. It is strongly recommended you have an adult escort with Roxie at all times. Black Ringette pants are also recommended. Upon receipt of your request and availability of Roxie a confirmation/explanation will be emailed out to you.

Roxie is a First Come First Serve reservation system. If you know the date of your event, book her now.

Your local association is responsible for the care and control of Roxie while in your possession. Any damages which occur while in your possession will be charged to your association.

The Winnipeg Ringette League is not responsible for any injury which may occur while in the Roxie mascot costume.

Winnipeg Ringette would like 1 photo emailed showing Roxie at your event.