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Game Schedule

Oct 27, 2018 - Feb 17, 2019

#DateStartArenaScore (H)Home TeamScore (V)Visiting TeamStatusDivision
124Sat, Oct 2713:50Jonathan Toews North109Scheduled Round RobinU12 A2
118Sun, Oct 2809:10Jonathan Toews South411Scheduled Round RobinU12 A2
135Sat, Nov 309:30Sam Southern82Scheduled Round RobinU12 A2
102Sat, Nov 2413:30Grunthal92Scheduled Round RobinU12 A2
130Sun, Nov 2510:40Jonathan Toews North84Scheduled Round RobinU12 A2
EXU10A12Thu, Nov 2918:15BertrandCancelled ExhibitionU10 A1
106Sun, Dec 217:00Jonathan Toews South83Scheduled Round RobinU12 A2
112Sun, Dec 918:10Jonathan Toews South611Scheduled Round RobinU12 A2
139Sat, Dec 1512:00Beausejour SunGro82Scheduled Round RobinU12 A2
2056Sat, Jan 513:00Jonathan Toews North22Scheduled Round RobinU12 A3
2038Sun, Jan 608:20Jonathan Toews North83Scheduled Round RobinU12 A3
2051Sat, Jan 1211:50Jonathan Toews North25Scheduled Round RobinU12 A3
2046Sun, Jan 1318:10Jonathan Toews South63Scheduled Round RobinU12 A3
2032Sat, Feb 216:00East End 258Scheduled Round RobinU12 A3
2061Sun, Feb 310:40Jonathan Toews North71Scheduled Round RobinU12 A3
2029Sat, Feb 911:00Steinbach T G Smith14Scheduled Round RobinU12 A3
2035Sun, Feb 1716:15East St Paul55Scheduled Round RobinU12 A3