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Delaying the call on four-in

The four-in call often leads to confusion on the ice. This is because the rules do not require that play be stopped when four-in occurs until the team with four-in gains control of the ring.

The procedure that On-ice Officials are to follow on a four-in situation is:

  1. If the team in control of the ring skates four-in, make the call immediately.
  2. Otherwise, raise a bent arm to signal a delayed violation.
  3. If the 4th player leaves the zone before their team gains control - begin a five second count.
  4. If the ring leaves the zone before the team gains control - no call will be made.
  5. If the team gains control in the zone within the five second count - make the call.
  6. If the team gains control while there are still four-in, a delayed penalty should be called.

Next time, before you start yelling four-in: check the signal being given by the On-ice Official nearest the freeplay line.


Ringette Canada Official Rules

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11th Annual All Star Game and Skills Competition!

Mark your calendars for the 11th Annual WRL U19 All Star Games and U14 Skills Competition taking place on Saturday, Dec 28th at Seven Oaks Arena.


Game Reporting for 2019/20

 Instead of delivering the game sheets to the division convenor, we have set up emails for each of the divisions.


All emails being submitted by teams MUST have in their subject line the game number, loop and team names.

Example: Game 158 – U14B Loop Heritage Boom vs NW Rangers


**Please note that these emails are for submitting the gamesheets ONLY.  Any questions must be submitted to your association’s WRL Rep.  Any correspondence sent to these emails will not be answered.

Scores also need to be reported on the WRL website by the winning team (or home team in the case of a tie).  Please see your WRL Rulebook, Page 23 for full information. Contact your WRL Association Representative with any questions.


Season Starts Now!

The 2019/20 WRL Season officially gets under way tonight!  Good luck to all teams.  Please double check your team's games as there have been a few changes to the schedule as originally published.




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