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Play the ring! Sticks down!

When an On-Ice Official is yelling "Play the ring" or "Sticks down" it is usually because there is an infraction occurring that is illegal, but has not yet caused a material change in advantage - and therefore there is no penalty to be called yet. (see The First Principle of Officiating).

Often this is due to using your body or stick to interfere on a play, or due to over enthusiastic checking that is getting too high - up near the hands, etc.

When you hear an Official calling these phrases out, consider what you're doing and pull back if you think you're at fault. If a material change of advantage does occur - you're likely to get a penalty.

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The schedule for the first half of the season should be posted later tonight, Thursday, Oct 17!  Click on Schedule tab and then select your loop.  


Jersey # Requirements

A reminder to teams who may be sourcing new Jerseys at this time. Ringette Canada rules require a Jersey number on both the front and the back of your jersey. The front number must appear on the right-hand side and be a minimum of 3 inches tall in a contrasting color.

"Each player must wear a clearly visible individual number on both
the back and the right front of their sweater. The number shall be a
maximum of two digits and must contrast in colour with the
sweater. The back number must be at least 15.24cm (6 in.) in
height and the front number must be at least 7.62cm (3 in.) in
height. A number different than that on the sweater may not
appear elsewhere on the uniform."

Enforcement of this rule is at the discretion of the on-ice official as to whether or not they feel the lack of front-side numbers would impact their ability to manage the game (ie. identifying goals, assists and penalty assessment). Failure to have a number on the front of your jersey could result in forfeit of a game if the issue cannot be resolved thru alternate jerseys or pinneys.



 November 2019