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Help wanted

The Winnipeg Ringette League is a volunteer run organization. Without the tireless efforts of our many volunteers, it would not be possible for us to host Ringette in Winnipeg. At this time, we are recruiting for the following important vacancies.

If you are interested in any of the following positions please email

Loop Convenors

At the beginning of every season, we recruit loop convenors to take responsibility for each of the loops of teams that we schedule for the season. The role of Loop convenor is a very important role. The primary function of the Loop convenor is to provide advice to the WRL council as to how teams are fairing competitively based on the loops that they are playing with. The advice of the Loop convenor is the primary source used by the WRL council to determine which teams should be reseeded after the first half of the season.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring that you attend at least one game for every team in your loop
  • Collecting game sheets and reviewing them for discrepancies
  • Attending suspension hearings when required
  • Monitoring temporary player use
  • Handling appropriate discipline when incident reports are filed