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Goal-crease violations

Only the goalkeeper or the acting goalkeeper (AGK) may legally play any ring that is on the goal crease line or entirely inside the goal crease. Alternately, neither the goalkeeper nor the AGK may move a ring into or onto the goal crease when it is entirely outside of the goal crease.

If either of these rules are broken, play is stopped and the ring is given to the non-offending team.


In the above image rings 1-5 may only be played by the goalkeeper. Rings 6 and 7 may be played by any player, but the goalkeeper may not bring the ring inside the crease.

Source: NOCP Rules Supplement & Ringette Canada Official Rules

Recent Notices

  • General notice: Goalie Needed - Open 4
    Our Open 4 team is currently in search of a goalie to join our team. All of our home games are played in the St. James area. If you or anyone you know would be interested in joining our team or would like additional information please let us know, we would be happy to have you!

    Thank you,

  • General notice: GOALIE NEEDED OPEN 3
    Looking for a goalie for our Open 3 team
    Please contact if interested/ know anyone who would be interested

  • Tournaments: BVRA PRE-SEASON TOURNAMENT-October 15-20, 2019

    BVRA PRE-SEASON TOURNAMENT-October 15-20, 2019

    The BVRA pre season tournament will be held from Oct 15-20, 2019 with games being held all day on the Friday Oct 18, all
    At Dakota Community Centre/Jonathon Toews Sports plex 
    REGISTRATION information coming soon. Loops u10, u12A, u12B, u14A, u14B, u16A, u16B, u19A, u19B. 3 GAME Guarantee per team. 
    For questions please contact Charlene Gerbrandt, tournament chair.
  • General notice: Goalie needed for open 1 team 2019/2020 season
    Hi we are looking for a goalie to play either half time or full time with our open 1 team this upcoming season. Please text or email me if interested or know of anyone looking for a team.



  • General notice: Players Needed Open 3
    We are looking for players and a goalie for our Open 3 team. We have previously registered out of different associations but can be flexible.
    FYI we have won city champs the past two years happy
  • General notice: Eastman Ringette Association accepting applications for 2019/20 A program

    The Eastman Ringette Association is currently accepting applications for the position of Head Coach and Assistant Coach for the Eastman Heat A Ringette program.

    The Eastman Heat Program is committed to developing elite teams and players that can succeed Provincially and at Westerns, in a positive, supportive, motivational and fun environment.

    If you are interested in applying for the position of Head Coach or Assistant Coach for a Eastman Heat Ringette team, please submit a detailed Coaching resume, with your preference of Head Coach or Assistant Coach and age group preference. 


    All successful Coaches and bench staff must be enthusiastic with excellent communication skills and have completed Community Sport Initiative (CSI), CI Coaching Clinic (Certified by Jan 15), Respect in Sport, Bench Staff Code of Conduct, and Making Ethical Decisions.  All bench staff must be registered with Ringette Manitoba by January 15, 2020.

    All coaching resumes must be submitted by August 15, 2019.

    Apply to: Eastman Heat A Ringette




 August 2019