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Highway Conditions

Delaying the call on four-in

The four-in call often leads to confusion on the ice. This is because the rules do not require that play be stopped when four-in occurs until the team with four-in gains control of the ring.

The procedure that On-ice Officials are to follow on a four-in situation is:

  1. If the team in control of the ring skates four-in, make the call immediately.
  2. Otherwise, raise a bent arm to signal a delayed violation.
  3. If the 4th player leaves the zone before their team gains control - begin a five second count.
  4. If the ring leaves the zone before the team gains control - no call will be made.
  5. If the team gains control in the zone within the five second count - make the call.
  6. If the team gains control while there are still four-in, a delayed penalty should be called.

Next time, before you start yelling four-in: check the signal being given by the On-ice Official nearest the freeplay line.


Ringette Canada Official Rules

Recent Notices

  • General notice: Adult team
    Hi everyone :) if anyone needs an extra team mate for an adult team I am interested. I am 22 and played ringette for 13 years before stopping to focus on school/work for a bit. Didn't think I would miss it this much!

Entering scores during playoffs

WRL is aware that our website and GameOn are having some technical issues.

Please keep trying to submit your scores within the required two hours after your game is finished. If you encounter any issues, please submit your game sheet to your convenor, along with a note in the email indicating that you were unable to enter the score.

We appreciate your patience.

WRL Council



The second half schedule is up on the WRL website!



Tis the season for inclement weather...

Please see the following information for game cancellations (pages 14-16 of the WRL rulebook):


If for any reason you need to cancel a game, it is the cancelling coaches responsibility to ensure that you notify:

a. The opposing team,

b. Your division convenor,

c. The WRL Scheduler, and

d. The game official assignors (on ice officials, timekeepers/ scorekeepers and shot clock operators).

A cancellation due to inclement weather may only be initiated within three (3) hours of the start of the game. If the cancellation is due to inclement weather, evidence must be included to support the validity of the cancellation.

Evidence can include:

  • Road closure reports,
  • Photos of highway conditions within three (3) hours of the game, and/or
  • Weather forecasts and/or storm tracking

4. If the WRL deems it to be an avoidable cancellation, the cancelling team will be considered as a “No-Show” team, and will be subject to a fine as per Article V.G.2.A. If the cancellation is due to inclement weather and both teams agree that travel is unsafe, no fine will be imposed by the WRL.

An email from BOTH teams agreeing to cancel game due to inclement weather MUST be sent to:

  • WRL Scheduler
  • WRL Age Loop Convener
  • WRL Association Rep
  • WRL Referee in Chief

no earlier than three (3) hours before game time.

Failure to do so may result in a “no show” (V.G.2.) and a fine imposed. Rule III 3D. will still apply.

If the cancellation is due to inclement weather, there must be evidence to support the validity of the cancellation (i.e. road closures, etc). If the WRL deems it to be an avoidable cancellation, your team will be considered as a “No-Show” team and will be subject to a fine as per Article V.G.2.A.

5. Game ice is the property of the WRL and may not be sold or otherwise traded by anyone other than the WRL Scheduler. In the event of a forfeiture or cancellation, the team forfeited or cancelled on has the sole right to use the ice time as scheduled by the WRL.



Game Reporting Results


As the season starts, a reminder!

The winning team (or the home team in the event of a tie) must update the WRL website with the game results within 48 hours of the game.

  • Legible, scanned or photographed copies of the game sheet must be emailed to the loop convenor email no later than 72 hours after the game.
  • Winning team to keep white copies (originals) of all game sheets until April 1, 2024.
  • At the request of the President of the WRL, teams may be required to provide the game sheets at any time.

A template of a completed game sheet is included; please make sure that your completed game sheets are filled out properly.





 June 2024