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Game Schedule

Oct 30, 2021 - Feb 19, 2022

#DateStartArenaScore (H)Home TeamScore (V)Visiting TeamStatusDivision
24Sat, Oct 3013:00Beausejour SunGro57Scheduled Round RobinU10 A1
21Sat, Nov 613:00Beausejour SunGro18Scheduled Round RobinU10 A1
26Sat, Nov 1313:00Jonathan Toews North81Scheduled Round RobinU10 A1
5Sat, Nov 2009:30Selkirk Rec Complex125Scheduled Round RobinU10 A1
13Sat, Nov 2710:45Selkirk Rec Complex74Scheduled Round RobinU10 A1
3Sun, Dec 517:30Ile des Chenes10Default Round RobinU10 A1
7Sat, Dec 1110:30Beausejour SunGroCancelled Round RobinU10 A1
7-RSat, Dec 1111:45Beausejour SunGro411Rescheduled Round RobinU10 A1
17Sat, Dec 1810:30Beausejour SunGro29Scheduled Round RobinU10 A1
416Sat, Jan 810:30Beausejour SunGro95Scheduled Round RobinU10 A2
420Sun, Jan 913:00Eric Coy92Scheduled Round RobinU10 A2
401Sat, Jan 1510:30Beausejour SunGro78Scheduled Round RobinU10 A2
423Sun, Jan 3013:15St. Andrews83Scheduled Round RobinU10 A2
406Sat, Feb 510:30Beausejour SunGro914Scheduled Round RobinU10 A2
411Sat, Feb 1210:30Beausejour SunGro88Scheduled Round RobinU10 A2
426Sun, Feb 1313:00Eric Coy117Scheduled Round RobinU10 A2
398Sat, Feb 1910:15Century10Default Round RobinU10 A2