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Feb 19, 2019 - Mar 10, 2019

#DateStartArenaScore (H)Home TeamScore (V)Visiting TeamStatusDivision
U14 B-1Tue, Feb 1918:00C A Barbour7Red River Rage - Schwill2Selkirk StingersScheduled Double KOU14 B
U14 B-2Tue, Feb 1918:30Glenwood5BVRA Blaze - Staerk1MacDonald WildfireScheduled Double KOU14 B
Open 2-1Tue, Feb 1919:10Jonathan Toews North5Goal Diggers3HerdScheduled Double KOOpen 2
U14 B-3Tue, Feb 1919:40Glenwood1SWRA/Corydon Comets U14B2Heritage VictoriaScheduled Double KOU14 B
U19 B-1Tue, Feb 1920:00Bertrand6AW0SWRA/Corydon U19BScheduled Double KOU19 B
Open 2-2Tue, Feb 1920:20Jonathan Toews North5Sturgeon Heights66, 7, 8'sScheduled Double KOOpen 2
Open 3-1Tue, Feb 1920:30C A Barbour6Niverville Clippers3Las LocasScheduled Double KOOpen 3
Open 3-2Tue, Feb 1921:00River East7Monstars3AcesScheduled Double KOOpen 3
U12 A3-1Wed, Feb 2018:15Southdale East4NWRA STARS8East St PaulScheduled Double KOU12 A3
U12 A3-3Wed, Feb 2018:30Jonathan Toews South10BVRA Blaze-Doucet3MacDonald WildfireScheduled Double KOU12 A3
U14 B-4Wed, Feb 2018:35Richmond Kings10Beausejour Ringers3East St Paul AcesScheduled Double KOU14 B
Open 4-1Wed, Feb 2019:15Starbuck5Hot Shots8PG 13Scheduled Double KOOpen 4
Open 3-3Wed, Feb 2019:30Southdale East5Southside Stingers3Macdonald Ring KingsScheduled Double KOOpen 3
Open 2-3Wed, Feb 2020:15Century2All Up In Her Slot4KWScheduled Double KOOpen 2
Open 4-2Wed, Feb 2020:30Starbuck2Woodhaven1DynamiteScheduled Double KOOpen 4
U19 B-2Thu, Feb 2118:15Bertrand8U19B BVRA Blaze-Wallace2U19 BVRA Blaze AshamScheduled Double KOU19 B
U19 B-4Thu, Feb 2119:00Oak Bluff7Portage Thunder Rosset3Transcona Park City WildCatsScheduled Double KOU19 B
Open 4-3Thu, Feb 2119:10Jonathan Toews North7Jettes6Springfield StarsScheduled Double KOOpen 4
U19 B-3Thu, Feb 2119:30Bertrand11Royal Rage5NWRAScheduled Double KOU19 B
Open 3-4Thu, Feb 2120:15Oak Bluff2Macdonald Shooters3Barley QueensScheduled Double KOOpen 3
Open 4-4Thu, Feb 2120:20Jonathan Toews North6Canadian Shooters2North KildonanScheduled Double KOOpen 4
Open 1-1Thu, Feb 2120:45Bertrand4Wolfpack3DakotaScheduled Double KOOpen 1
Open 2-4Thu, Feb 2121:30Oak Bluff4Cougars1Inn Seine ChicksScheduled Double KOOpen 2
Open 1-2Fri, Feb 2221:30Jonathan Toews North2Royals4NK SnipesScheduled Double KOOpen 1
U10 A2-1Sat, Feb 2308:20Jonathan Toews North6Portage Thunder Ross5Springfield StormScheduled Double KOU10 A2
U10 A3-1Sat, Feb 2309:00Stonewall VMSC6NWRA STARS3BVRA Blaze - RadfordScheduled Double KOU10 A3
U10 A2-2Sat, Feb 2309:30Jonathan Toews North0MacDonald Wildfire7Beausejour RingersScheduled Double KOU10 A2
U12 A1-1Sat, Feb 2309:30Sam Southern10MacDonald Wildfire5GatewayScheduled Double KOU12 A1
U12 A3-4Sat, Feb 2309:30C A Barbour8BVRA BLAZE - Daman2Oxford Heights BluesScheduled Double KOU12 A3
U10 A3-2Sat, Feb 2310:15Stonewall VMSC7SWRA/Fort Garry Flyers1GatewayScheduled Double KOU10 A3
U12 A3-2Sat, Feb 2310:15Century3BVRA Blaze - Yallits6Steinbach PanthersScheduled Double KOU12 A3
U12 A2-1Sat, Feb 2310:40Jonathan Toews North4Stingers5Red River Rage - WasilinchukScheduled Double KOU12 A2
U12 A1-2Sat, Feb 2310:45Sam Southern9Springfield Storm U12A2SWRA Richmond Stingerz U12AScheduled Double KOU12 A1
U14 B-5Sat, Feb 2310:45Stonewall Ice Palace3Portage Thunder Botterill0Red River Rage - SchwillScheduled Double KOU14 B
U14 A-1Sat, Feb 2311:30Century7BVRA BLAZE- U14A5SWRA Richmond Stingerz U14AScheduled Double KOU14 A
U12 A2-2Sat, Feb 2311:50Jonathan Toews North13Portage Thunder Hauser7Corydon CometsScheduled Double KOU12 A2
U12 A3-5Sat, Feb 2312:00Richmond Kings9Sturgeon2East St PaulScheduled Double KOU12 A3
U14 B-6Sat, Feb 2312:00Stonewall Ice Palace6Brandon Blizzards3BVRA Blaze - StaerkScheduled Double KOU14 B
U16 B-1Sat, Feb 2312:45Gateway Blue5Brandon Blizzards4Transcona Park City WildcatsScheduled Double KOU16 B
U14 B-8Sat, Feb 2313:00Eric Coy9Royal Storm2Beausejour RingersScheduled Double KOU14 B
U14 B-7Sat, Feb 2313:00Jonathan Toews North5Steinbach Panthers6Heritage VictoriaScheduled Double KOU14 B
U12 A3-7Sat, Feb 2313:15Richmond Kings9NWRA STARS2MacDonald WildfireScheduled Double KOU12 A3
U16 B-2Sat, Feb 2314:00Gateway Blue7BVRA Blaze - Legal3SWRA/Fort Garry U16BScheduled Double KOU16 B
U19 B-5Sat, Feb 2314:30Richmond Kings7Grunthal0AWScheduled Double KOU19 B
U19 B-6Sat, Feb 2315:45Richmond Kings8Royal Rage9Portage Thunder RossetScheduled Double KOU19 B
U19 B-7Sat, Feb 2316:10Glenwood2SWRA/Corydon U19B5NWRAScheduled Double KOU19 B
Open 3-6Sat, Feb 2316:50St. Norbert2French Connection7Southside StingersScheduled Double KOOpen 3
Open 2-6Sat, Feb 2317:00Bertrand6Dakota1KWScheduled Double KOOpen 2
Open 3-5Sat, Feb 2317:20Glenwood10Missi Sippies5Niverville ClippersScheduled Double KOOpen 3
Open 3-7Sat, Feb 2318:00St. Norbert2Aces5Macdonald Ring KingsScheduled Double KOOpen 3
Open 1-3Sat, Feb 2318:15Southdale East9AW Fury2InfernoScheduled Double KOOpen 1
Open 2-7Sat, Feb 2318:15Bertrand3Extreme4CougarsScheduled Double KOOpen 2
Open 5-1Sat, Feb 2318:15Sam Southern5Ice Vipers4Seriously 67Scheduled Double KOOpen 5
Open 1-4Sat, Feb 2319:30Southdale East5Captains1SheHawksScheduled Double KOOpen 1
Open 2-5Sat, Feb 2319:30Bertrand4Mitchell Ringhawks2Goal DiggersScheduled Double KOOpen 2
Open 5-2Sat, Feb 2319:30Sam Southern7Portage Thunder Davis Mitchell2Garson Quarry CatsScheduled Double KOOpen 5
Open 5-3Sat, Feb 2320:45Sam Southern3MacDonald Sizzlers7HerricanesScheduled Double KOOpen 5
U10 A1-1Sun, Feb 2409:20Keith Bodley8Red River Rage - Harder1AWScheduled Double KOU10 A1
U10 A4-2Sun, Feb 2409:30Jonathan Toews North10Interlake Extreme6BVRA Blaze - LangScheduled Double KOU10 A4
U12 A4-1Sun, Feb 2409:45Southdale West7StingersC0SWRA/Fort Garry Flyers U12CScheduled Double KOU12 A4
U10 A3-3Sun, Feb 2410:30Richmond Kings2Lorette Royals - Vincent9NWRA STARSScheduled Double KOU10 A3
U10 A4-1Sun, Feb 2410:35Keith Bodley10Sturgeon4Red River Rage - WasilinchukScheduled Double KOU10 A4
U12 A3-6Sun, Feb 2410:40Jonathan Toews North3BVRA Blaze-Doucet5BVRA BLAZE - DamanScheduled Double KOU12 A3
U12 A4-2Sun, Feb 2411:00Southdale West9Brandon Blizzards2Red River Rage - PetersScheduled Double KOU12 A4
U10 A2-3Sun, Feb 2411:45Eric Coy8Portage Thunder VanDamme10Portage Thunder RossScheduled Double KOU10 A2
U10 A3-4Sun, Feb 2411:45Richmond Kings4Selkirk Stingers3SWRA/Fort Garry FlyersScheduled Double KOU10 A3
U12 A1-3Sun, Feb 2411:50Jonathan Toews North8BVRA Blaze- McGraw2MacDonald WildfireScheduled Double KOU12 A1
U12 A2-3Sun, Feb 2411:50Keith Bodley10Beausejour Ringers3Red River Rage - WasilinchukScheduled Double KOU12 A2
U14 B-9Sun, Feb 2412:00C A Barbour2Selkirk Stingers9Steinbach PanthersScheduled Double KOU14 B
U14 B-11Sun, Feb 2412:15Stonewall Ice Palace2East St Paul Aces3BVRA Blaze - StaerkScheduled Double KOU14 B
U12 A2-4Sun, Feb 2412:30Bertrand1Grunthal Red Wings0Portage Thunder HauserScheduled Double KOU12 A2
U10 A2-4Sun, Feb 2413:00Eric Coy6Transcona Park City Wildcats5Beausejour RingersScheduled Double KOU10 A2
U12 A1-4Sun, Feb 2413:00Jonathan Toews North4Interlake Ignite3Springfield Storm U12AScheduled Double KOU12 A1
U12 A3-8Sun, Feb 2413:00Richmond Kings7Sturgeon1Steinbach PanthersScheduled Double KOU12 A3
U14 B-10Sun, Feb 2413:15C A Barbour9Red River Rage - Schwill3SWRA/Corydon Comets U14BScheduled Double KOU14 B
U14 B-12Sun, Feb 2413:30Stonewall Ice Palace5Beausejour Ringers3MacDonald WildfireScheduled Double KOU14 B
U14 A-2Sun, Feb 2413:45Bertrand2MacDonald Wildfire3BVRA BLAZE- U14AScheduled Double KOU14 A
U12 A3-9Sun, Feb 2414:15Richmond Kings5NWRA STARS6Oxford Heights BluesScheduled Double KOU12 A3
U16 C-1Sun, Feb 2414:45Stonewall Ice PalaceSelkirkBVRA BLAZE - BILLINGTONCancelled Double KOU16 C
U14 A-3Sun, Feb 2415:00BertrandTranscona East End WingsPortage Thunder GrimeauCancelled Double KOU14 A
Open 3-8Sun, Feb 2415:45Southdale East3Las Locas1Macdonald ShootersScheduled Double KOOpen 3
Open 1-5Sun, Feb 2416:15East St Paul8Macdonald Moose2WolfpackScheduled Double KOOpen 1
Open 2-8Sun, Feb 2417:00Jonathan Toews South5Sturgeon Heights4All Up In Her SlotScheduled Double KOOpen 2
Open 4-5Sun, Feb 2417:00Southdale East11Donny's Devil's4PG 13Scheduled Double KOOpen 4
Open 2-9Sun, Feb 2418:10Jonathan Toews South8Herd4Inn Seine ChicksScheduled Double KOOpen 2
Open 4-6Sun, Feb 2419:15Keith Bodley4Jettes7Canadian ShootersScheduled Double KOOpen 4
Open 4-7Sun, Feb 2420:30Keith Bodley2Hot Shots6Springfield StarsScheduled Double KOOpen 4
U16 B-3Mon, Feb 2518:30Seven Oaks Red6Steinbach3Brandon BlizzardsScheduled Double KOU16 B
U19 B-8Mon, Feb 2518:35Richmond Kings7Grunthal3U19B BVRA Blaze-WallaceScheduled Double KOU19 B
U14 A-3-RMon, Feb 2519:00East End 34Transcona East End Wings2Portage Thunder GrimeauRescheduled Double KOU14 A
U16 B-4Mon, Feb 2519:45Seven Oaks Red3Portage Thunder Vince2BVRA Blaze - LegalScheduled Double KOU16 B
U19 B-9Mon, Feb 2519:45Richmond Kings7NWRA4Transcona Park City WildCatsScheduled Double KOU19 B
Open 1-7-RMon, Feb 2520:20Glenwood5Dakota8InfernoRescheduled Double KOOpen 1
U14 B-13Tue, Feb 2618:15Southdale East4Portage Thunder Botterill5Brandon BlizzardsScheduled Double KOU14 B
U14 A-5Tue, Feb 2618:30GlenwoodLoser of game #U14 A-3SWRA Richmond Stingerz U14ACancelled Double KOU14 A
Open 1-7Tue, Feb 2619:30Southdale EastDakotaInfernoCancelled Double KOOpen 1
U14 A-5-RTue, Feb 2619:30Southdale East3Portage Thunder Grimeau1SWRA Richmond Stingerz U14ARescheduled Double KOU14 A
U14 B-14Tue, Feb 2619:40Glenwood0Heritage Victoria6Royal StormCancelled Double KOU14 B
Open 5-4Tue, Feb 2620:00Bertrand3Macdonald Mojitos6Ice VipersScheduled Double KOOpen 5
Open 5-5Tue, Feb 2620:30C A Barbour9Portage Thunder Davis Mitchell4HerricanesScheduled Double KOOpen 5
Open 1-6Tue, Feb 2620:45Southdale East7AW Fury4CaptainsScheduled Double KOOpen 1
U14 B-15Wed, Feb 2718:00Seven Oaks Blue9Steinbach Panthers5Red River Rage - SchwillScheduled Double KOU14 B
U16 C-2Wed, Feb 2718:15Southdale East1Royal Rage - Hall0Winner of game #U16 C-1Default Double KOU16 C
U14 B-14-RWed, Feb 2718:30Seven Oaks Red0Heritage Victoria6Royal StormRescheduled Double KOU14 B
U14 B-16Wed, Feb 2719:15Seven Oaks Blue2BVRA Blaze - Staerk4Beausejour RingersScheduled Double KOU14 B
Open 2-10Wed, Feb 2719:30Southdale East3Mitchell Ringhawks46, 7, 8'sScheduled Double KOOpen 2
Open 2-12Wed, Feb 2719:45Seven Oaks Red2Goal Diggers5Sturgeon HeightsScheduled Double KOOpen 2
Open 5-6Wed, Feb 2720:15Century3Garson Quarry Cats8MacDonald SizzlersScheduled Double KOOpen 5
Open 2-11Wed, Feb 2720:20Glenwood3Dakota5CougarsScheduled Double KOOpen 2
U12 A3-10Thu, Feb 2818:00St. Norbert4East St Paul7BVRA Blaze - YallitsScheduled Double KOU12 A3
U14 A-4Thu, Feb 2818:15Bertrand3BVRA BLAZE- U14A4Transcona East End WingsScheduled Double KOU14 A
U16 C-3Thu, Feb 2818:30Seven Oaks Red5KW2BVRA Blaze - HendersonScheduled Double KOU16 C
Open 1-8Thu, Feb 2819:00Oak Bluff8Macdonald Moose1NK SnipesScheduled Double KOOpen 1
Open 3-9Thu, Feb 2819:10St. Norbert5Missi Sippies3MonstarsScheduled Double KOOpen 3
Open 3-11Thu, Feb 2819:30Stonewall VMSC2Niverville Clippers5Macdonald Ring KingsScheduled Double KOOpen 3
Open 4-8Thu, Feb 2819:30Bertrand8Donny's Devil's2WoodhavenScheduled Double KOOpen 4
Open 1-9Thu, Feb 2820:15Oak Bluff7Inferno2SheHawksScheduled Double KOOpen 1
Open 3-10Thu, Feb 2820:20St. Norbert7Southside Stingers8Barley QueensScheduled Double KOOpen 3
Open 3-12Thu, Feb 2820:45Stonewall VMSC7French Connection2Las LocasScheduled Double KOOpen 3
Open 4-9Thu, Feb 2820:45Bertrand9Springfield Stars5North KildonanScheduled Double KOOpen 4
Open 1-10Fri, Mar 119:15Seven Oaks Blue1Wolfpack6RoyalsScheduled Double KOOpen 1
U10 A2-5Sat, Mar 209:00Stonewall VMSC9Springfield Storm3Beausejour RingersScheduled Double KOU10 A2
U10 A1-2Sat, Mar 209:15River East3BVRA Blaze - Champagne1Red River Rage - HarderScheduled Double KOU10 A1
U10 A3-5Sat, Mar 209:30Sam Southern4BVRA Blaze - Radford5SWRA/Fort Garry FlyersScheduled Double KOU10 A3
U12 A1-5Sat, Mar 209:30C A Barbour6Gateway9Springfield Storm U12AScheduled Double KOU12 A1
U12 A3-11Sat, Mar 209:30Stonewall Ice Palace6Steinbach Panthers1Oxford Heights BluesScheduled Double KOU12 A3
U10 A2-6Sat, Mar 210:15Stonewall VMSC11Portage Thunder VanDamme6MacDonald WildfireScheduled Double KOU10 A2
U12 A2-5Sat, Mar 210:15Century3Stingers4Portage Thunder HauserScheduled Double KOU12 A2
U10 A3-6Sat, Mar 210:45Sam Southern10Lorette Royals - Vincent4GatewayScheduled Double KOU10 A3
U12 A3-12Sat, Mar 210:45Stonewall Ice Palace3BVRA Blaze-Doucet5BVRA Blaze - YallitsScheduled Double KOU12 A3
U10 A4-3Sat, Mar 211:30Stonewall VMSC10Sturgeon5Interlake ExtremeScheduled Double KOU10 A4
U12 A2-6Sat, Mar 211:30Century2Red River Rage - Wasilinchuk1Corydon CometsScheduled Double KOU12 A2
U12 A1-6Sat, Mar 211:45River East3MacDonald Wildfire2SWRA Richmond Stingerz U12AScheduled Double KOU12 A1
U16 C-5Sat, Mar 213:00Eric Coy1Selkirk0BVRA BLAZE - BILLINGTONDefault Double KOU16 C
U16 B-5Sat, Mar 214:15Eric Coy6Transcona Park City Wildcats9BVRA Blaze - LegalScheduled Double KOU16 B
U16 B-6Sat, Mar 215:45Southdale East7Brandon Blizzards4SWRA/Fort Garry U16BScheduled Double KOU16 B
U19 B-10Sat, Mar 217:00Southdale East2AW8U19 BVRA Blaze AshamScheduled Double KOU19 B
Open 3-13Sat, Mar 217:00Bertrand2Southside Stingers3Macdonald Ring KingsScheduled Double KOOpen 3
Open 2-13Sat, Mar 218:15Sam Southern2KW7ExtremeScheduled Double KOOpen 2
Open 3-14Sat, Mar 218:15Bertrand7Monstars6French ConnectionScheduled Double KOOpen 3
Open 4-10Sat, Mar 218:15Southdale East4PG 1311DynamiteScheduled Double KOOpen 4
U14 B-17Sat, Mar 218:30Glenwood4Heritage Victoria8Steinbach PanthersScheduled Double KOU14 B
Open 5-7Sat, Mar 219:15St James Civic Centre6Macdonald Mojitos3MacDonald SizzlersScheduled Double KOOpen 5
Open 1-11Sat, Mar 219:30Bertrand4NK Snipes5InfernoScheduled Double KOOpen 1
Open 2-14Sat, Mar 219:30Sam Southern2Dakota5Sturgeon HeightsScheduled Double KOOpen 2
U14 B-18Sat, Mar 219:40Glenwood4Portage Thunder Botterill3Beausejour RingersScheduled Double KOU14 B
Open 5-8Sat, Mar 220:30St James Civic Centre10Seriously 679HerricanesScheduled Double KOOpen 5
Open 5-9Sat, Mar 220:45Sam Southern7Ice Vipers6Portage Thunder Davis MitchellScheduled Double KOOpen 5
U10 A3-7Sun, Mar 309:00Stonewall VMSC6NWRA STARS7Selkirk StingersScheduled Double KOU10 A3
U10 A2-7Sun, Mar 309:30Stonewall Ice Palace5Portage Thunder Ross6Transcona Park City WildcatsScheduled Double KOU10 A2
U10 A3-8Sun, Mar 310:15Stonewall VMSC4SWRA/Fort Garry Flyers1Lorette Royals - VincentScheduled Double KOU10 A3
U10 A2-8Sun, Mar 310:45Stonewall Ice Palace6Springfield Storm7Portage Thunder VanDammeScheduled Double KOU10 A2
U10 A4-4Sun, Mar 311:30Stonewall VMSC5Red River Rage - Wasilinchuk12BVRA Blaze - LangScheduled Double KOU10 A4
U12 A2-7Sun, Mar 311:45Eric Coy5Beausejour Ringers4Grunthal Red WingsScheduled Double KOU12 A2
U12 A1-7Sun, Mar 312:00Stonewall Ice Palace5BVRA Blaze- McGraw3Interlake IgniteScheduled Double KOU12 A1
U12 A2-8Sun, Mar 312:30Bertrand6Portage Thunder Hauser2Red River Rage - WasilinchukScheduled Double KOU12 A2
U19 B-11Sun, Mar 312:45Stonewall VMSC6U19B BVRA Blaze-Wallace5NWRAScheduled Double KOU19 B
U14 B-19Sun, Mar 313:00Eric Coy2Brandon Blizzards3Royal StormScheduled Double KOU14 B
U16 C-4Sun, Mar 313:00Starbuck5Royal Rage - Hall4KWScheduled Double KOU16 C
U12 A1-8Sun, Mar 313:15Stonewall Ice Palace10Springfield Storm U12A5MacDonald WildfireScheduled Double KOU12 A1
U19 B-12Sun, Mar 313:15C A Barbour7Royal Rage1U19 BVRA Blaze AshamScheduled Double KOU19 B
U12 A3-13Sun, Mar 313:45Bertrand3Sturgeon0BVRA BLAZE - DamanScheduled Double KOU12 A3
U16 C-6Sun, Mar 314:15Starbuck6BVRA Blaze - Henderson5SelkirkScheduled Double KOU16 C
Open 4-12Sun, Mar 315:00Bertrand3Jettes5DynamiteScheduled Double KOOpen 4
Open 4-11Sun, Mar 315:30Starbuck6Woodhaven4Springfield StarsScheduled Double KOOpen 4
U14 A-6Sun, Mar 315:45Southdale East5MacDonald Wildfire0Winner of game #U14 A-5-RScheduled Double KOU14 A
Open 2-15Sun, Mar 317:00Southdale East5Extreme6HerdScheduled Double KOOpen 2
U16 B-7Sun, Mar 318:15Southdale East8Steinbach1Portage Thunder VinceScheduled Double KOU16 B
Open 1-12Sun, Mar 319:30Southdale East4Captains5RoyalsScheduled Double KOOpen 1
Open 2-17Sun, Mar 321:15Sam Southern56, 7, 8's6CougarsScheduled Double KOOpen 2
U12 A4-4Mon, Mar 418:00Seven Oaks Blue3SWRA/Fort Garry Flyers U12C6Red River Rage - PetersScheduled Double KOU12 A4
U12 A4-3Mon, Mar 418:00St. Norbert4StingersC8Brandon BlizzardsScheduled Double KOU12 A4
U14 B-20Mon, Mar 418:15Southdale East6Steinbach Panthers2Portage Thunder BotterillScheduled Double KOU14 B
U16 C-7Mon, Mar 419:10St. Norbert3KW4BVRA Blaze - HendersonScheduled Semi-FinalU16 C
U19 B-13Mon, Mar 419:15Seven Oaks Blue7Grunthal3Portage Thunder RossetScheduled Double KOU19 B
U16 B-8Mon, Mar 419:30Southdale East4BVRA Blaze - Legal2Brandon BlizzardsScheduled Double KOU16 B
Open 1-13Mon, Mar 419:30Stonewall VMSC2Macdonald Moose0AW FuryScheduled Double KOOpen 1
Open 3-15Mon, Mar 419:45Sargent Park4Missi Sippies1Barley QueensScheduled Double KOOpen 3
Open 4-13Mon, Mar 420:30Seven Oaks Blue6Donny's Devil's3Canadian ShootersScheduled Double KOOpen 4
Open 1-14Mon, Mar 420:45Stonewall VMSC4Inferno3RoyalsScheduled Double KOOpen 1
Open 4-14Mon, Mar 420:45Southdale East1Woodhaven2DynamiteScheduled Double KOOpen 4
Open 2-16Mon, Mar 421:00Sargent Park6Mitchell Ringhawks2HerdScheduled Double KOOpen 2
U10 A2-9Tue, Mar 518:00Seven Oaks Blue8Portage Thunder Ross11Portage Thunder VanDammeScheduled Semi-FinalU10 A2
U12 A3-14Tue, Mar 518:00C A Barbour5Steinbach Panthers1BVRA Blaze - YallitsScheduled Double KOU12 A3
U10 A1-3Tue, Mar 519:15Seven Oaks Blue12Red River Rage - Harder5AWScheduled Semi-FinalU10 A1
U19 B-14Tue, Mar 520:00Bertrand1U19B BVRA Blaze-Wallace4Royal RageScheduled Double KOU19 B
Open 2-18Tue, Mar 520:30C A Barbour4Sturgeon Heights3Mitchell RinghawksScheduled Double KOOpen 2
Open 3-16Tue, Mar 521:00River East4Macdonald Ring Kings5MonstarsScheduled Double KOOpen 3
Open 5-10Tue, Mar 521:45C A Barbour9Macdonald Mojitos10Seriously 67Scheduled Double KOOpen 5
U12 A2-9Wed, Mar 618:00Seven Oaks Blue7Grunthal Red Wings6Portage Thunder HauserScheduled Semi-FinalU12 A2
U10 A4-5Wed, Mar 618:15Southdale East5Interlake Extreme7BVRA Blaze - LangScheduled Semi-FinalU10 A4
U12 A1-9Wed, Mar 619:15Seven Oaks Blue3Interlake Ignite1Springfield Storm U12AScheduled Semi-FinalU12 A1
U16 B-9Wed, Mar 619:15Starbuck6Portage Thunder Vince5BVRA Blaze - LegalScheduled Semi-FinalU16 B
U10 A3-9Wed, Mar 619:30Southdale East5NWRA STARS3SWRA/Fort Garry FlyersScheduled Semi-FinalU10 A3
Open 2-19Thu, Mar 718:00St. Norbert86, 7, 8's5Sturgeon HeightsScheduled Semi-FinalOpen 2
U12 A3-15Thu, Mar 718:15Bertrand4BVRA BLAZE - Daman3Steinbach PanthersScheduled Semi-FinalU12 A3
Open 4-15Thu, Mar 719:00Oak Bluff9Canadian Shooters4DynamitePlayed Semi-FinalOpen 4
U14 A-7Thu, Mar 719:10Glenwood1BVRA BLAZE- U14A8MacDonald WildfireScheduled Semi-FinalU14 A
Open 1-15Thu, Mar 719:10St. Norbert7AW Fury2InfernoScheduled Semi-FinalOpen 1
U12 A4-5Thu, Mar 719:30Bertrand9StingersC3Red River Rage - PetersScheduled Semi-FinalU12 A4
U19 B-15Thu, Mar 719:30Stonewall VMSC5Portage Thunder Rosset4Royal RageScheduled Semi-FinalU19 B
Open 5-11Thu, Mar 720:15Oak Bluff6Portage Thunder Davis Mitchell1Seriously 67Scheduled Semi-FinalOpen 5
U14 B-21Fri, Mar 818:35Richmond Kings5Brandon Blizzards9Steinbach PanthersScheduled Semi-FinalU14 B
Open 3-17Fri, Mar 818:45Stonewall Ice Palace2Barley Queens5MonstarsScheduled Semi-FinalOpen 3
U10 A4-6Sat, Mar 907:30Gateway Blue11Sturgeon10BVRA Blaze - LangScheduled FinalU10 A4
U12 A4-6Sat, Mar 907:45Gateway Red10Brandon Blizzards4StingersCScheduled FinalU12 A4
U10 A3-10Sat, Mar 908:55Gateway Blue4Selkirk Stingers5NWRA STARSScheduled FinalU10 A3
U12 A3-16Sat, Mar 909:10Gateway Red4Sturgeon2BVRA BLAZE - DamanScheduled FinalU12 A3
U10 A2-10Sat, Mar 910:20Gateway Blue2Transcona Park City Wildcats7Portage Thunder VanDammeScheduled FinalU10 A2
U12 A2-10Sat, Mar 910:35Gateway Red8Beausejour Ringers5Grunthal Red WingsScheduled FinalU12 A2
U10 A1-4Sat, Mar 911:45Gateway Blue6BVRA Blaze - Champagne4Red River Rage - HarderScheduled FinalU10 A1
U12 A1-10Sat, Mar 912:00Gateway Red8BVRA Blaze- McGraw7Interlake IgniteScheduled FinalU12 A1
U16 C-8Sat, Mar 913:10Gateway Blue4Royal Rage - Hall2BVRA Blaze - HendersonScheduled FinalU16 C
U14 A-8Sat, Mar 913:25Gateway Red1Transcona East End Wings2MacDonald WildfireScheduled FinalU14 A
U14 B-22Sat, Mar 914:35Gateway Blue2Royal Storm7Steinbach PanthersScheduled FinalU14 B
U16 B-10Sat, Mar 914:50Gateway Red7Steinbach0Portage Thunder VinceScheduled FinalU16 B
Open 5-12Sat, Mar 916:00Gateway Blue4Ice Vipers5Portage Thunder Davis MitchellScheduled FinalOpen 5
U19 B-16Sat, Mar 916:15Gateway Red7Grunthal3Portage Thunder RossetScheduled FinalU19 B
Open 4-16Sat, Mar 917:25Gateway Blue6Donny's Devil's7Canadian ShootersScheduled FinalOpen 4
Open 2-20Sat, Mar 917:40Gateway Red3Cougars56, 7, 8'sScheduled FinalOpen 2
Open 3-18Sat, Mar 918:50Gateway Blue3Missi Sippies2MonstarsScheduled FinalOpen 3
Open 1-16Sat, Mar 919:05Gateway Red5Macdonald Moose6AW FuryScheduled FinalOpen 1
U10 A3-11Sun, Mar 1009:10Gateway Red7NWRA STARS0Selkirk StingersScheduled TurnaroundU10 A3
U14 A-9Sun, Mar 1009:30Gateway Blue3MacDonald Wildfire5Transcona East End WingsScheduled TurnaroundU14 A
U10 A2-11Sun, Mar 1010:30Gateway Red9Portage Thunder VanDamme6Transcona Park City WildcatsScheduled TurnaroundU10 A2
U14 B-23Sun, Mar 1010:50Gateway Blue9Steinbach Panthers2Royal StormScheduled TurnaroundU14 B
Open 5-13Sun, Mar 1011:50Gateway Red6Portage Thunder Davis Mitchell4Ice VipersScheduled TurnaroundOpen 5
Open 4-17Sun, Mar 1012:10Gateway Blue6Canadian Shooters3Donny's Devil'sScheduled TurnaroundOpen 4
Open 2-21Sun, Mar 1013:10Gateway Red46, 7, 8's3CougarsScheduled TurnaroundOpen 2
Open 1-17Sun, Mar 1013:30Gateway Blue4AW Fury8Macdonald MooseScheduled TurnaroundOpen 1