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Macdonald Wildfire

#DateStartArenaScore (H)Home TeamScore (V)Visiting TeamStatusDivision
157Sat, Oct 2813:30Grunthal10Grunthal Red Wings3Macdonald WildfireScheduled Round RobinU12 A3
154Sun, Oct 2913:00Starbuck1Macdonald Wildfire8Selkirk StingersScheduled Round RobinU12 A3
167Sat, Nov 415:00East End 18Oxford Heights Blues2Macdonald WildfireScheduled Round RobinU12 A3
171Sat, Nov 2518:50Varsity View9Fort Garry U12C3Macdonald WildfireScheduled Round RobinU12 A3
150Sun, Nov 2617:45Sanford4Macdonald Wildfire10Fort Garry U12CScheduled Round RobinU12 A3
176Sat, Dec 209:00Oak Bluff1Macdonald Wildfire7Grunthal Red WingsScheduled Round RobinU12 A3
161Sun, Dec 1015:30Starbuck4Macdonald Wildfire8East St. Paul HerricanesScheduled Round RobinU12 A3
159Sun, Dec 1715:00Oak Bluff7Brandon Blizzards0Macdonald WildfireScheduled Round RobinU12 A3
751Sat, Jan 610:30Seven Oaks Red7Garden City1Macdonald WildfireScheduled Round RobinU12 A4
755Sat, Jan 1309:00Oak Bluff1Macdonald Wildfire3BVRA DevilsScheduled Round RobinU12 A4
753Sun, Jan 1415:30Starbuck6Brandon Blizzards2Macdonald WildfireScheduled Round RobinU12 A4
15Fri, Jan 1917:45East End 31Macdonald Wildfire8Oxford Heights BluesScheduled Round RobinU12A3
38Sat, Jan 2017:15East End 2Brandon BlizzardsMacdonald WildfireScheduled Round RobinU12A3
50Sun, Jan 2110:00East End 1Macdonald WildfireFort Garry U12CScheduled Round RobinU12A3
772Sat, Jan 2717:00Sanford1Macdonald Wildfire8Garden CityScheduled Round RobinU12 A4
769Sun, Feb 413:00Starbuck3Macdonald Wildfire10BVRA LightningScheduled Round RobinU12 A4
761Sun, Feb 1115:45East St Paul7East St. Paul Herricanes4Macdonald WildfireScheduled Round RobinU12 A4
774Sat, Feb 1710:40Jonathan Toews North5BVRA Devils2Macdonald WildfireScheduled Round RobinU12 A4
765Sun, Feb 1814:15Starbuck7Macdonald Wildfire6Fort Garry U12CScheduled Round RobinU12 A4
U12 A4-2Sat, Feb 2413:30Stonewall Ice Palace10Garden City3Macdonald WildfireScheduled Double KOU12 A4
U12 A4-6Sun, Feb 2513:15C A Barbour8Macdonald Wildfire5East St. Paul HerricanesScheduled Double KOU12 A4
U12 A4-7Sat, Mar 311:30Century7BVRA Lightning6Macdonald WildfireScheduled Double KOU12 A4

U12 A3

Macdonald Wildfire is ranked #6 in the U12 A3 Division

 TeamWinsTiesLossesPointsGoals forGoals against# Games
#1U12B Sturgeon Heights7011456238
#2Varsity View U12B6111341238
#3Steinbach U125031053408
#4Portage U12 Botterill314745368
#5Selkirk Stingers107216458
#6Oxford Heights Blues107217618

U12 A4

Macdonald Wildfire is ranked #7 in the U12 A4 Division

 TeamWinsTiesLossesPointsGoals forGoals against# Games
#1Brandon Blizzards7101553248
#2Garden City7011459368
#3BVRA Devils5031046358
#4BVRA Lightning4221051408
#5Fort Garry U12C116332488
#6East St. Paul Herricanes107242698
#7Macdonald Wildfire107221528

U12 A4

Macdonald Wildfire is ranked #2 in the U12 A4 Division

 TeamWinsTiesLossesPointsGoals forGoals against# Games
#1BVRA Lightning0000000
#2Macdonald Wildfire0000000
#3Brandon Blizzards0000000
#4Fort Garry U12C0000000
#5BVRA Devils0000000
#6Garden City0000000
#7East St. Paul Herricanes0000000
#8East St. Paul Herricanes107242698
#9Macdonald Wildfire107221528
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