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You can play 3 in when you're short


When your team is serving more than 1 penalty, the rules require that at least 1 skater remain outside of your defending zone restricted area.

However, when you are in your attacking zone, attempting to score a goal - you may have all 3 skaters enter that zone.

Ringette Canada Official Rules

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Loop Convenors

Please be advised that to-date no-one has volunteered to fill any of the Loop Convenor positions for the youth divisions. 

Until volunteers can be identified, teams are advised to hold on to their gamesheets.

The loop convenor role is a fairly critical role in operating our League, with their greatest responsibility to watch at least one game of each of the teams in their loop prior to the reseeding meeting.

The WRL hosts a reseeding meeting in December to reevaluate the competitive position of all teams in the league so that we can ensure the best competitive mix of teams in the second-half. The decision to reseed teams rests largely on the objective consideration of the Loop convenors.

If Loop convenors are not identified in short order, this will not be possible for the coming season, and reseeding will be based solely on quantitative score data from games played prior to reseeding. For more information on the role see

If you would like to volunteer for a Loop convenor position, please contact Tara, our registrar


The first half schedule is posted

The first-half, regular season schedule is now posted. It is available via the schedules menu.


Team Seeding

Team Seeding is now available at:

Please review the seeding carefully, and if you have any cause for appeal please notify the President of the WRL.

Any appeal requests must be received at no later than 2:30pm on Thursday, October 2, 2014.



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#3Assiniboia West51416
#7Heides & Hoes22028
#8St Adrews Extreme0915
#9Soup Pea Capitals01221